Apartment within walking distance to Nyksund village

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About the apartment

The apartment is situated at idyllic Skåltofta within walking distance of the historic fishing village of Nyksund and with breathtaking hiking areas right at our doorsteep. The apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen, bed linen and towels. There are 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room. In the living room there is a guest bed so the apartment can accommodate 5 persons. Nyken Resort is the perfect home base for experiences of the nature and activities in the beautiful Vesterålen islands.

The place Itself

Skåltofta in the municipality of Øksnes is a beautiful  place at the starting point of Dronningruta (the Queen`s Route) with ocean panoramas and the chance to enjoy the magic light that only Northen Norway can offer, be it the midnight sun , the glow of autumn light or the northen lights on a cold winter night.


Frequently asked questions

How can I book accommodation?

Booking is done via Airbnb.no or Booking.com.

How do you get to Skåltofta, Nyksund?

Skåltofta is located in Nyksund, Øksnes municipality. The nearest town is Myre and the nearest city Sortland, 50 kilometres away. From Sortland, follow Route 820 until the crossroads to Myre-from there, follow Route 821 into the town of Myre. Then follow the signes to Nyksund. Nyken Resort is located just before you enter the fishing village itself. 

What do I need to bring with me?

The apartment is fully equipped for preparing foo and spending the night. You need to bring your personal belongings such as toiletries as well as your own food.

How can I check in?

On weekdays, you can check in after 3 p.m. A member of our staff will be present to turn over your keys to you. At other times of the week, check-in can be agreed by e-mail or telephon.

What can I do in the local area?

The local offers many fine experiences of nature. Here you`ll find both short and longer hiking trails. 

The apartment is close located to the starting point of  Dronningruta (a 6-8 hour day trek). The trail is named after her Majesty Queen Sonja, who hiked the route in 1994. An alternative is a mountain hike to Nyken, “a little trip with a big view”. The mountain is right behind Nyken Resort


The fishing village of  Nyksund itself is also  a great experience. Nyksund is an old fishing village in Øksnes municipality. The proximity to the fishing grounds off the shores of Vesterålen made the place attractive as a fishing village. The area was  depopulated around 1970, but before it was abondoned, Nyksund hade five fish receiving stations, one fillet factory, two shops, a post office, a shipping office, a bakery, a blacksmith`s , a school and a chapel.

Eventually the village became popular for visiting artits, tourists and photographers. The films “after Rubicon” and “Insomnia” werw partly filmed in Nyksund

If you are intrested in an RIB outing, we can help you organize it.