Hiking tours

Located on the “doorstep” of the Queen’s Route, Nyken Resort is perfect as a base camp for your mountain hikes.
In addition to this well-known route between Nyksund and Stø, the area offers many great mountain tops of different difficulty. Among the most popular hikes in Øksnes are «Snykolla» (Langøya’s highest mountain of 763 m.h.) – «Nonskollen»
(611 m.h.) and «Skipet» (612 m.h.).
A “small walk with big views” is «Nyken», (185 m.h.) located right by Nyken Resort, which gives a magnificent view of Nyksund and the surrounding areas. Should you wish to go for a hike on «Møysalen» (Vesterålen’s highest mountain at 1262 m.o.h.) then it is an hour’s drive to the starting point for the trip.


Fishing trips

Just above Nyken Resort is the beautiful Nyksund valley with its five waters. Here are nice opportunities for trout fishing with fishing pole. The walk up the valley offers great scenery in a clean and unspoilt area.
If would like to go on the ocean, we can offer this to groups, either in RIB or larger vessels. The goal for the trip you decide for yourself, and we can mention opportunities such as seals and bird safaris in RIB at the listed «Anda lighthouse» just outside Stø, and it is likely that there will an opportunity to spot some killer whales around the boat.


Northern Lights observations and photography

Nyksund is an incredible place to watch and take pictures of the Northern Lights. Watching the Aurora Borealis unfold over the sky is a very unique and special experience, and even more exotic in surroundings like Nyksund. Only five minutes from Nyken Resort lies the historic fishing village of Nyksund, where you will find beautiful motifs, and if you want to see the Northern Lights from the mountain Nyken, there is a “small walk with great views” right nearby. The trip up to Nyken is short and once you get to the top it gives an outstanding view of the area around! A minimum of “light pollution” makes Nyksund the perfect place for aurora photography.

Here you can see pictures of the Northern Lights taken in the area recently.


Hiking in the historic fishing village of Nyksund

Nyksund has a distinctive architecture and atmosphere, not to mention a special story.

This old fishing village is located on Nyksundøya and Ungsmaløya far north in Vesterålen. In the early 1900s, Nyksund was one of the largest fishing villages in Vesterålen, but was depopulated in the 1970s. The decay left its mark on the once well-maintained fishing village that eventually became a “ghost town”. In the 1980s, Nyksund was discovered by German students, who embarked on it and started the process of slowing down the decay. Eventually, people who had left Nyksund also began to return to take care of their properties. Now there is a lively life in Nyksund and the place has attracted some artists who offer their products here. There are also several dining options that serves local food.