Hikes in the mountains

Situated on the “threshold” of the Dronningruta, Nyken Resort is the perfect base camp for your mountain treks.

In addition to this well-known route between Nyksund and Stø, the area offers many great mountain-top climbs with varying degrees of difficulty. Among the most popular peaks in the islands are Snykolla (Langøya’s tallest mountain,763 m above sea level) – Nonskollen (611 m.a.s.l.) and Skipet (612 m.a.s.l.).

A “small trip with a large view” is Nyken (185 m above sea level), located just nearby Nyken Resort and offering a magnificent panorama of Nyksund and the surrounding areas. If you would like to go to the top of Møysalen (Vesterålen’s tallest mountain, 1262 m.a.s.l.), the starting point for the trip is one hour’s drive from Nyksund.

The Queen’s Route

Fishing excursions

The beautiful Nyksunddalen valley and its five lakes are located right by Nyken Resort. Here you will find excellent angling opportunities for trout fishing. The hike up through the valley offers breathtaking scenery in clean, pristine terrain.

If you are looking for outings on the open ocean, we can arrange group trips in either RIB or larger vessels. You can decide the theme for your outing; we might suggest options such as seal and bird safaris in the RIB at the protected Anda lighthouse just outside of Stø; there is also a very real possibility that you might encounter killer whales around the boat.

Fishing trips either in RIB or larger vessels

Perfect home base for northern lights watching and photography

Nyksund is a great place to observe and take pictures of the northern lights. Seeing the Aurora Borealis unfold across the sky is a very special experience, and it makes the Arctic environment feel even more exotic. The historic fishing village of Nyksund is only five minutes away. Here you will find amazing photo subjects, and if you want to see the northern lights from Mount Nyken, it is a “little trip with a big view”.

The trip to the summit of Nyken takes only a short time, and once you are at the summit, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the entire area! The lack of “light pollution” makes the area perfect for photographing the northern lights.

These are some of the Northern Lights slides taken in the area recently.

Aurora Borealis above Nyksund village

Discovering the historic fishing village of Nyksund

Nyksund has a distinctive architecture and atmosphere, and not least, a special history.

This old fishing village is located on two islands, Nyksundøya and Ungsmåløya, in the far-northern part of Vesterålen. At the beginning of the 1900s, Nyksund was one of the largest fishing villages in Vesterålen but was depopulated in the 1970s. Decay left its mark on the once well-groomed fishing village that eventually became a “ghost town”. In the 1980s, German students discovered Nyksund and started the slow process of reversing its decline. Eventually, people who had left Nyksund also began to come back to take care of their properties. Bustling activity in Nyksund, and the place itself, have attracted a number of artists who market their creations here. There are also several restaurants featuring local cuisine on the menu.

The historic fishing village of Nyksund

See whales in their natural element

Arctic Whale Tours usually have daily whale safari trips to the Bleik Depths. Weather permitting, of course. Ocean fog or choppy water may prevent trips; this is something we have to cope with here at the top of the planet!

The view towards the ocean in Nyksund

Other things to do in the area

“Blås Idè”
An attractive and quaint little glass blowing workshop on Sommarøya, Myre.

The Doll Museum, Center of Myre
Open in July
Telephone: (+47) 761 19 920

Alsvåg Museum
Village Museum of Øksnes municipality
Telephone: (+47) 761 85 250

Round-trip tour of Vestbygda
Take the local shuttle speedboat Nordic Star on a tour of all the Vestbygd islands in Øksnes. A good three-hour round trip. An adventure when the weather is nice! Departure from Myre harbour – at the turnaround at the lower end of the main street. Two round trips daily.

The road to Nyken Resort

Kayaking in the neighbourhood

Local business and commerce

In conjunction with Holmvik Brygge in Nyksund, you will find a small, rural village shop trading in simple dry goods and souvenirs. Otherwise, you can drive the 15-minute-long sightseeing trip along the road between the mountains on one side and the seashore on the other into the centre of Myre, where you will find 3 different food chain outlets, Bunnpris, Rema and Coop Extra (In the Øksnes Commercial Park). In the commercial park you will also find a pharmacy and a wine monopoly shop.

Other goods and wares
At Myre (15-minute drive) you will find a pharmacy, petrol stations, a wine monopoly, a doctor’s surgery, flower shop, bookstore, toy store, several clothing stores, a sports shop, Iron&Boat shop, building materials merchants, interior furnishings etc. Our tip is the thousand sundries store Bonytt located in Myre.

Nyksund village

Myre Harbour

Myre Harbour in the municipality of Oksnes is one of North Norway’s largest fishing ports. The harbour has a lot of activity and is one of the largest landing places for winter cod (skrei) and Greenland halibut.

Dining in Nyksund and surrounding area

Nyksund Expedition (seafood restaurant, a food experience)
Phone number:
 (+47) 481 18 068

Holmvik Stua
Phone number: (+47) 958 63 866


Myre Coast Hotel 

Located in Alsvåg
Toftenes Sjøhuscamping
Phone number: (+47) 761 31 455